What is Health, Wellness and Fitness Coaching?

Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching is a method of achieving optimal health by empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.

Whole person wellness is achieved through a partnership with your coach who helps you uncover your health goals and individualizes a path to help you realize your goals. Your coach will empower you to take charge of your health and will hold you accountable for the changes you would like to make.

Your coach acts as an advocate for your health and guides you through the process of living a healthier life.

Who can benefit from Health and Wellness Coaching?

Anyone who is interested in making positive healthy lifestyle changes can benefit from Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching. Be Well, Live Well is dedicated to promoting health and preventing disease and can help you with the smallest or largest of goals.

How Be Well, Live Well is different.

I am committed to helping individuals and families achieve a healthier lifestyle through disease prevention and health promotion using fitness and basic nutrition education. Be Well, Live Well uses coaching principles supported by scientific evidence and is performed by a credentialed health care professional and certified personal trainer.

Why Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching works.

Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching is successful because the client takes responsibility for his or her own health, and as a result becomes better educated and is empowered with tools that will help them achieve their goals. At Be Well, Live Well I believe you are the expert on you. You choose what is right for you, I help you attain it.

How Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching works.

In a series of sessions your coach will help you live a healthier life by:

  • Discovering your healthy lifestyle goals
  • Identifying barriers to your personal health and wellness
  • Individualizing a plan to achieve better health and wellness
  • Accompanying you on your journey to better health

What to expect.

Achieving optimal health and wellness takes time and you may experience hurdles along the way, but with commitment and dedication anything is possible. It is best to work on altering one behavior at a time then move on to the next. Your progress through the program will be regularly monitored to ensure you remain on track and progress toward your goals.

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